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Several years ago, Gretchen took a trip to WuDan Mountain; the sacred site where Daoism was founded over 5000 years ago. There on the slope of the mountain, in the ruins of a temple courtyard, a Chinese master taught her the ancient 5-Animals Qi gong form.   Every Wednesday evening, with respect and joy, Gretchen shares that experience in a small class at the Oriental Arts Center.  Just one example of how Gretchen lives, breathes and exudes enthusiasm for oriental healing. To bring you the best in massage therapy Gretchen has immersed herself in study and practice since she first began training over 10 years ago at the Oriental Healing Arts Center. She has progressed through massage therapy certifications for Tuina, Thai yoga massage, medical qigong, herbology, yoga, and many other skills. Three times she has traveled to China to expand her Tuina studies by learning from the best at the Beijing hospitals. Gretchen’s embrace of oriental medicine does not stop at the end of her work day. She practices tai chi twice a week, and three times a week she is immersed in other movement art forms. On special occasions, she is part of a group that choreographs dynamic, graceful forms to music to create an impressive performance. Watch our website for future opportunities to see these performances. If you come in for a treatment with Gretchen you will be met with extensive training, a deeply personal connection to oriental healing, and genuine enthusiasm for your well-being.

  • Certification 2010

  • Tuina Levels I and II

  • Thai yoga massage – 3 years

  • Duncan Wong Teacher Training Immersion Yogic Arts

  • Medical Qi Gong - Level 1

  • Chinese Materia Medica Herbology – 3 years

  • Tai Chi 2011 – present

  • Swedish Relaxation

  • Cupping

  • Gua sha

  • Acupressure

  • Movement Arts Class – Bagua, Yogic Arts, staff,

  • Shaolin, Laoifan, Poi and Sanso forms

  • Community Tuina Pain Clinic

  • Beijing Hospital Training 2010

  • Beijing China Olympic Sports hospital Training 2013

  • Beijing China/Japan friendship Hospital Training - 2015